Why B Different?

B Different - B Hotels & Resorts

B Hotels & Resorts® invites guests to revel in Self-Expression Hospitality™ and to tailor experiences how they want them to B.  

Our DNA - D (Destination) / N (N’vogue) / A (Approachability) - defines the identity, character, and programing of every hotel - with no two B Hotels or Resorts being alike.  

B is about feelings.  How you feel or how you want to feel.  A place where you can...Just B You.

B Signature Elements are distinguishing features which are exclusive to the authentic self-expression experience at B Hotels. The Signature Elements are a framework of design concepts and venue offerings which leverage the potential of each hotel as a place of joy, well-being, comfort, excitement, inspiration, and more.

The Signature Elements, as well as the way each one is interpreted in the hotel, were carefully designed to evoke genuine emotions toward the hotel, the hotel team, and the B Brand.

The Signature Elements include: