B Adventurous

Experience All That Can Be

Explore your unlimited potential at B Hotels & Resorts®. Each of our hotels is located at the heart of the destination, designed for exploration. Unleash your inner adventurer and let us be your guide to the most exciting activities, dining, and sightseeing experiences in the area. From popular local excursions to customizable tours, our goal is to satisfy your sense of wonder and peak your willingness to try new things. There’s always an opportunity to B Adventurous. 

Excursions & Sightseeing

Explore your destination through many of the great excursions and leisure treks offered. Connect with your concierge and customize a day of tours to capture the best-of culture and art, shopping and entertainment or map out the areas bike and hiking trails. 

B a Local

We invite you to step away from the guidebook and immerse yourself in an authentic cultural experience.

Vacation like a local and discover the city's hidden gems through your Monscierge®, located in the hotel's lobby, and search for what may interest you.

Calendar of Events

When staying at B Hotels & Resorts you're guaranteed something to do, whether at the property or within walking distance.

From festivals and concerts to art walks and food tastings, our calendar of events will help organize your stay, to not miss a beat.