B Compassionate

Bringing awareness to causes in need

Our hotels and resorts are rooted in a strong sense of compassion – compassion for the community, environment, and wildlife. We invite our guests to join our efforts to make a better tomorrow. Through three key programs – B Humane, B Eco-Conscious, and B Cause – we are able to raise funds and awareness for endangered species, implement sustainable and eco-friendly practices, and support local charitable organizations. 

B Humane

After checking into one of our hotels or resorts, you might notice a stuffed plush animal in your room. They are more than just for show; they represent our commitment to raising awareness for endangered and vulnerable species.

Each of our hotels chooses an animal to support, and a plush replica of the animal is placed in every room. You can “adopt” one of our plush friends, with a portion of the proceeds donated to wildlife conservation organizations.

B Eco-Conscious

Through our B Eco-Conscious program, we commit to using sustainable, eco-friendly solutions whenever possible to lessen our adverse impact on the environment.

We have implemented a B Eco-Conscious initiative where we change linens and towels every third night of your stay – unless otherwise requested – to reduce the amount of water and energy used. We no longer offer newspapers, but guests can still stay connected to the latest news using our FreeB™ Wi-Fi. We have also installed infused water stations in our lobbies to encourage guests to use reusable water bottles. Other key steps taken to reduce our carbon footprint include: utilizing energy-saving HVAC units and lightbulbs, low-flow commodes, and partnering with like-minded organizations.

B Cause

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our local communities.

Through our B Cause program, we are able to give back to the communities that surround our hotels including but not limited to #BPink for Breast Cancer Awareness and #BProud in support of equality.

Each of our hotels commits to participating in at least two or more local charitable activities every year through fundraising, volunteering, events, and more.