Develop with B Hotels & Resorts®

Join One of the Best Hotel Brands in the U.S.

B is more than just a letter and we’re more than just a collection of hotels. B Hotels & Resorts® provides a fresh, innovative, and unpretentious alternative to the big brands that ignites a genuine emotional connection with business and leisure travelers.

The broad target demographic speaks to the brand’s desire to attract and attain guest loyalty from individuals that are experience driven, sophisticated, educated, and make informed buying decisions.

Our brand works from an open source platform where there is a constant dialogue between the brand and the guest, both external (travelers) and internal (associates). This allows B Hotels & Resorts® to continue to create and implement brand programs designed to further enhance the guest and associate experience.

Our brand showcases three hotel categories for development and ownership groups including Hotel, Resort, and Boutique. For more information or to explore the benefits of bringing your hotel into the B Brand family, contact us at